Why Choose TVA?

The litigation and appellate lawyers at Thomas Vogele & Associates leverage decades of professional experience to design creative and aggressive legal strategies. Drawing on our extensive business, manufacturing, banking, and consulting backgrounds, our skilled and determined attorneys understand your circumstances. We will help you identify the most effective strategies to help you win.

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Successful Results in Diverse Industries

From individuals to trusts and partnerships, and from closely held corporations and LLCs to national and international corporations, our business attorneys can lead you through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and litigation. Established in 2010, TVA has compiled a roster of successes for leaders of the business communities in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, Bakersfield, Monterey, and throughout California.

Our approach to success starts with looking at each case from 30,000 feet: see the objective, plot a path to reach it, and tackle the obstacles in the way. It is not enough merely to plan — reaching victory at the end of a long and arduous path requires patience and determination. TVA has achieved quick results through aggressive advocacy, and long, hard-fought victories through years-long litigation and appeals. Smart planning; hard work. Our many successes testify to this approach.

When you partner with our firm, you will benefit from the high-quality legal services we offer for various business disputes, including:

In addition to our firm's achievements in California's lower courts, our appellate attorneys have changed the outcome of litigation in appellate courts throughout the state. Our comprehensive appellate practice, authoring writs and appeals and delivering powerful oral arguments, produces unparalleled work product to capture the attention of the reviewing court when justice falters at trial.

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