Adeptly Resolving Commercial Disputes and Enforcing Contracts

Clear contracts allow businesses to carry out their commercial transactions. A poorly drafted contract that fails to identify obligations, on the other hand, can lead to conflicts grinding transactions to a halt.

Savvy California business owners recognize that a contract alone does not guarantee the parties will comply with its terms. To minimize the impact of a contract breach, owners and operators understand they need to immediately open the lines of communication with the party on the other side of the contract — whether a business partner, vendor, supplier, lender, borrower, commercial landlord or tenant, etc. Whether seeking to enforce the contract terms or renegotiate them, attentive owners take action rather than waiting for a resolution to materialize on its own.

Since 2010, the business attorneys at Thomas Vogele & Associates, APC, have helped their clients negotiate, renegotiate, and when all else fails, litigate their contracts. We have helped businesses in various industries, including real estate development, partnerships and business entities, manufacturing, banking, apparel, import, wholesale, retail, commercial leases, real property, and more. Owners and operators in Monterey and Orange Counties rely on our attorneys to review and pursue their contract options that make the most sense for their businesses.

Enforcing Contracts to Protect Your Business Interests

At TVA, our firm's main focus is helping your business through legal disputes in negotiation, litigation, and appeals. As a result of this emphasis, we address a variety of contract disputes, including those related to:

When customizing an aggressive legal strategy, our commercial litigation lawyers draw on their substantial understanding of Articles 2 and 3 of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) in addition to applicable state and federal codes and case law. For example, we have successfully enforced an investor's agreement to return his preferred return despite an initial court ruling finding the return unenforceable; we have successfully defended against a multimillion-dollar promissory note when the plaintiff did not have the original instrument; and we have enforced a borrower's right to return of her security despite ambiguities in the loan documents.

We believe in our clients and their businesses, and we are committed to finding creative solutions to their legal problems.

Work with Our Attorneys to Resolve Your Commercial Dispute

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