Promoting Your Interests in Court

When a conflict persists, hiring legal counsel is sometimes the most effective recourse. Experienced attorneys can help you explore further opportunities to resolve a dispute through negotiation and mediation. More importantly, having counsel in your corner early on allows you to move seamlessly to the next step by filing a complaint.

Litigation is often seen as a costly and time-intensive way to resolve disputes. Sometimes it is. And sometimes it is the only option. Our litigation and trial attorneys will help ensure your maximum returns on your investment in litigation, with the greatest likelihood of yielding effective, long-term remedies. Taking your case to court through savvy business attorneys also signals your commitment not to settle for stopgap solutions or empty promises.

When residents in Orange County and Monterey want decisive and aggressive advocacy in complex legal conflicts, they retain our attorneys at Thomas Vogele & Associates, APC. All of our lawyers are shrewd litigators and attentive advocates. We take pride in our legal acumen and also our accessibility. When we commit to your case, we dedicate ourselves not only to preparing for trial but also to responding to your questions as we work toward your objectives.

The length of our professional relationships with our anchor clients is a testament of our caliber of advocacy in and out of the courtroom.

Designing Targeted Strategies for a Range of Complicated Matters

At TVA, business litigation and appeals are our firm's primary practice areas. We represent clients in court for an array of legal matters, including:

Attending to the Bottom Line When Enforcing Your Rights

When your rights are infringed or trade secrets compromised, our litigation and trial attorneys will help you review your options to protect and enforce your rights. Drawing on our extensive experience with business and intellectual property litigation, our lawyers will review the various options beyond merely filing a complaint that will help you achieve an effective and economical outcome, including:

  • Seeking a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction — to immediately prevent further infringement
  • Seeking contempt citations — to enforce court orders against a recalcitrant adversary
  • Moving for a writ of attachment — to ensure payment of an eventual judgment
  • Moving for summary judgment — to quickly resolve legal issues without a trial
  • Serving cease and desist letters — to end infringement without the need for further litigation
  • Negotiating licensing agreements

Should civil litigation provide the only long-term remedy for infringement or misappropriation, our attorneys will aggressively represent your interests in court. We have obtained temporary restraining orders and injunctions to protect clients from being harmed by unfair competition. In another case, we helped a client recover damages and protect a valuable trademark.

In addition to our comprehensive litigation offerings, we also represent clients throughout California needing appellate and post-judgment representation. Read our case results to learn more about our record of success and contact us to begin developing your strategy today.

Reach TVA to Learn About Your Legal Options

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