A Foot In Both Worlds: Appellate Attorneys Who Understand Litigation

Clients searching for an appellate attorney know there are many sherpas offering to take them up the mountain of higher court review. TVA offers something a bit different. Most appellate attorneys, characteristic of their species, offer advice that is cool, clinical, surgical, strategic, dispassionate — that is, they might as well be from a different planet when counseling someone bouncing off the walls after disappointment at trial, spoiling for justice. A rinse of cold water is in order, yes; a drag of chloroform, no.

Our appellate attorneys, second to none in legal analysis and persuasive writing on appeal, are also keenly aware that what the appellate court calls the "record" is more than a few reams of dead tree: it contains the pieces of your story that, but for the trial court's error, should have brought you justice. And yet the story told at trial is not the same as the story to be told on appeal. We understand the challenge of stitching the pieces of your trial story into a compelling plea for justice on appeal.

While our attorneys follow the Al Davis Rule at trial — "just win, baby!" — our appellate attorneys have successfully taken clients from defeat at the trial court to victory after appeal.

The appellate team at Thomas Vogele & Associates is excited to discuss your trial and the options on appeal. We have represented clients in appeals courts for all types of civil matters. Guided by our substantial professional and educational experience, our attorneys have had success writing winning briefs, securing a defense judgment and affirmance on appeal, among other outcomes.

Applying Comprehensive Legal Insight in Wide Range of Appellate Cases

With offices in Orange County and Monterey, TVA represents clients throughout California for a variety of concerns, including:

When you consult with our appellate firm, we will study your court records to identify the most effective arguments to present. We are qualified to practice before all California Courts of Appeal, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, D.C.

Partner with Preeminent Appellate Lawyers

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